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The Conference for Responsible Asset Owners at

the Leading Edge of Responsible Investing

October 8th - London 2019


The Pension sector accounts for around £1.5 trillion in investments and like all Investors, they are balancing the issue of high returns against the challenges of meeting UN targets on responsible investing across climate change, sustainability, diversity & inclusion. All this in an era post Brexit, where US & Asia relations add or detract from the opportunities on a daily basis!


This event will gather senior pension & other fund executives from across the globe to address key issues affecting the markets around responsible investing, learn how their peers are confronting common challenges, and hear from leading industry experts on the investment approaches that are working at other funds.

C-Suite Executives

Asset Owners

Investment Banks, Asset Management Firms And Wealth Managers


Sovereign Wealth Funds

Hours of Networking


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Global Fund Media

A specialist financial digital publisher, we know how Institutional Investors, services providers and fund managers can reach their audiences more effectively.


Investment & Pensions Europe is the monthly magazine for those running pension funds in Europe. Since our first issue in 1997, we have built an influential position within the European institutional investor community, and the publication has an average monthly circulation of 10,311 copies, of which 70% is in Continental Europe.

The Pensions Management Institute

PMI’s members, represented in 8 regions, are responsible for managing and advising some of the largest institutions in the world accounting for £1trillion invested in pensions. We promote excellence through a range of services for the benefit of members, the wider economy and with over six million now saving as a result of automatic enrolment, society as a whole.


Responsible Asset Owners Global Symposium is a timely event

With action–packed and volatile markets, geopolitics and populism dominating recent years, join us at Church House, Westminster on Oct 8th to gain clarity on which investment themes will play out within Responsible Investing and what the investment landscape looks like across a range of platforms.

This event will provide you with the freedom to choose which sessions you’d like to attend, thereby tailoring the event to meet your objectives.

Providing focused insight from leading players in the market through topical debate, Keynote speeches, interactive discussion and relevant content our events are designed to reflect the challenges being faced by Fund Owners & Asset Managers across the globe.

Sustainable and responsible finance in the UK can only grow if it is well informed, understands the driving influences behind regulation & Government policy as well as the public appetite for risk in key investment areas.


Asset Owners, whether structured as stabilization funds, savings & development funds or reserve investments have an important role in macroeconomic management and global financial stability. Governance is an increasingly critical area for all Responsible Fund Owners & Managers. Sharing case studies from those who have embraced it successfully will add weight and depth for the future.

Key speakers from some of the most important funds around the world will discuss their long term capital management philosophy, asset allocation approach as well as their outlook for global markets.

Our Speakers will give you actionable strategies needed to meet the increasing appetite for Responsible Investing whilst retaining - and improving on measurable ROI’s - creating relationships with customers that are meaningful and long term.

The switch to Responsible Investing doesn’t happen overnight. Get started on making that difference today!


We believe that responsible investing should be seen as a way to improve the risk/ratio and simultaneously contribute to sustainability for the long term benefit of all. Good governance is not an obstacle to success, but rather a route to embedding it as a condition for achieving results. History has repeatedly shown that a well-considered investment risk will be rewarded with outstanding returns.




Why attend?

Identify. Discuss. Network. Act.

Responsible Investing is the new battleground for the Financial Community fighting to differentiate their offer from the competition. Not all will make it. Gain some important insights at this critical event.

Be part of the discussion, share investment and best practice strategies in the new era of Trump, Brexit and historically low interest rates, whilst navigating the post financial crisis landscape. Join the debate, build relationships and network with key industry players in the global Asset market.

With political insight and predictions from important figures such as Dr Liam Fox, Minister for Trade & Investment as well as Lord Digby Jones, Former Director General of the CBI, expect a lively debate as regards the outlook for world reach & connectivity in the coming years, post BREXIT


Who should attend?

▪ Portfolio Managers
▪ Lawyers, Advisors, Consultants within ESG, Governance, Stakeholder issues
▪ Heads of Portfolio Management
▪ Heads of Wealth Management & Private Equity
▪ C Suite Execs of Asset Management Houses

▪ Heads of Capital Markets & Fixed Income
▪ Heads of Debt Capital Markets
▪ Heads of Treasury & Institutional Investors

- Heads of Asset Ownership Funds



▪ Sovereign Wealth Funds
▪ Central Banks
▪ Multilateral Development Banks or other National Government Funds
▪ Government Pension Funds
▪ Investing divisions of insurance companies
▪ Corporate Pension Funds
▪ Issuers & Investor Corporations
▪ Private Equity Firms
▪ Law Firms
▪ Investment Banks
▪ Rating Agencies
▪ Consultancies & accountancy firms
▪ Family Offices
▪ Wealth Management Firms
▪ Consultancies


With thanks to all our Supporters who include:

Lord Digby Jones

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Mark Scantlebury, Quietroom

Katy Carlisle

Professor Roger Farmer - Economist & Author, Warwick University

Paul Bilokon - Founder & Author, Thaleasians (quant sessions)

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Stanislas Pottier, Amundi